Why News Under 99 Words?

We found that Americans don’t like to read long news articles. Plus the content is also not engaging enough. So we created which delivers news under 99 words thus making it Short and using Google Web Stories to create Engaging Content.

Why is quick content consumption and engaging news articles. Rather than relying on traditional blog posts which are long and boring, we create News under 99 Words and Engaging content using Google Web Stories. – Stay Updated in 99 Words.

We know that you don’t have time to read long news articles. So we create short news under 99 words to keep you updated under 2 mins. Basically, is a Short News Website for the USA (United States of America). We Deliver News with Short Articles and Google Web Stories. covers a wide range of topics, including the latest news in the USA, Entertainment, and Sports.

Read the latest news with in less than 99 words, related to Breaking News, Sports, and Entertainment in the USA and around the world in English.